Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scout's hurt paw

Bandit here! Mommy took this picture of me and Scout and his hurt paw.

I laid down with Scout for a while to keep him company. He's a lot better today, but he was tired so we both took a break. It's quiet in the house today. Mommy is baking bread and making Rice Krispie treats. I ate a marshmallow. It was squishy.

Scout has been chewing the bandage, so I thought I would help him a little, too. It's yucky tasting. But Scout really wants to get it off so we figured if we both chewed for a while, it would come off faster. Mommy said DO NOT chew the bandage. Then she sprayed some really icky tasting stuff on it. So we ate peanut butter in our Kong toys instead.

Love, Bandit

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