Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Scout and Bandit: Getting Mommy's attention

Dear Scout and Bandit,

Sometimes when my Mommy is working I think she has forgotten all about me. I get bored. What can I do to get her attention?

Love, Rex

Dear Rex,

We have a lot of great ideas to help you get your Mommy's attention! These are things we have tried and we know they work really good.

I start by going up to Mommy and staring at her. Don't move and don't do anything. Just stare.

If that doesn't work then you should act like there is a big, huge emergency, and whine and bark and, if you can, spin in a circle. Something like, "Mommy! Timmy fell down a well!!" or "Mommy! Come quick! The cat is in the washing machine!" Usually that will get her to pay attention to you and then you can tell her what you really want, which is to go outside to play catch.

My first idea is to find something Mommy really loves - shoes, oven mitts, something from her purse - and grab it and then RUN! If she doesn't see you right away, run up to her until she looks at you, and then RUN!

That usually works. But pretty soon Mommy will get wise to that trick and put her shoes in the closet and you'll have eaten all the oven mitts and she'll learn to zip her purse.

The next trick is to go in another room and make a lot of noise. Tip things over, scratch the carpet, chase the cat. Mommy will get up to see what you're doing.

My last idea - and this is probably the most fun because it's so tricky - is to go somewhere in the house and be very quiet. Don't make any noise at all. I'll bet your Mommy is more afraid of what you're doing when you're not making any noise than when you're taking silverware out of the kitchen sink.

One tip: If you're going to steal stuff and run, don't steal stuff like medicine. While it will get your Mommy's attention, it might make you have to go to the hospital where they will hook you up to machines and experiment on your blood to see if your electros will light. I learned that the hard way.

Hopefully those idea will help, Rex! Have fun!

Love, Scout and Bandit

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