Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bandit becomes Statue Dog The Bed Hog and tricks Mommy and Daddy

The man on the TV said that we were going to get some cold and snow, and boy was he right! Since yesterday it's been cold and snowy and stormy.

Last night, me and Scout slept with Mommy and Daddy to stay warm. It was great. We made a big dog pile and everyone was warm and toasty.

Except that Daddy snores really loud. Mommy usually just pokes him and he rolls over and stops for a while. So in the middle of last night when he was snoring, Mommy poked Daddy and said, "You're snoring. Roll over."

And Daddy woke up and said, "I don't have anywhere to go. I'm on the edge of the bed. These dogs are hogging all the space!"

I don't know what his problem was. Scout had enough space. I had enough space. Mommy seemed to have enough space.

Daddy said Scout was OK at the bottom of the bed near his feet but that I was taking up way too much room and that Mommy needed to move me. So she tried to push me to wake up and move.

But haha! I was playing a trick on Mommy! When I go to bed, I am NOT moving for anyone. So I play a game called Statue Dog. I turn myself into a statue and I don't move at all, not even a little bit.

First Mommy shook me. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog can't move!

Then she told me to move over. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog can't hear you!

Then she tried to push me from behind to move me. Sorry Mommy! Statue Dog stays right where he is!

Finally Daddy told her to just pick me up and move me. So that's what she did. She picked up my whole entire body and turned me right around upside down. Daddy was directing her - Move him a little more that way, move his head up here - and finally I was lying right next to Mommy, with my head on Mommy's pillow and all snuggled up in her personal space. I hadn't moved at all on my own, not one whisker! I am Statue Dog!

Daddy said, Thank you Bandit! And he reached over to pet me. And then I tricked him! I rolled over to let him rub my belly, and then I rolled over again to lick his face, because he really likes that.

And then, haha! I was right back to where I started, on his side of the bed!

Ta da! Bandit strikes again!

Right then Scout decided that since we were all awake he and I should probably go outside and potty, so we jumped up and ran downstairs and barked.

It was cccccold outside and snowing and windy. Even though it was 3:00 in the morning, Mommy put on her snow boots and coat and came out with us - because we don't potty unless she's there to witness it. She also checked the chickens, who she said were snug as bugs in a rug.

Then Mommy called, "Who wants a nite-nite biscuit?" and me and Scout ran inside.

And that's how Mommy tricked me back. I ran right upstairs and got in my crate, which is where I always get my nite-nite biscuit. And when Mommy gave me my biscuit, she closed the door on the crate and locked me in.

Rats. Foiled again.

I had to sleep the rest of the night in my crate while Scout slept in the bed with Mommy and Daddy.

So that's how I tricked Mommy and Daddy and they tricked me back.

Love, Bandit

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