Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas! Happy Snow Day!

Merry Christmas, everyone!! I know you've been wondering what me and Scout have been up to the last week.

On Christmas eve, Mommy and Daddy left us alone again - I was not happy at all because Mommy left me alone in the afternoon! When they came home I was so excited I couldn't calm down. I was jumping on Mommy for about twenty hundred minutes and I had to take a break and drink a whole bowl of water before I started jumping on her again.

In fact, after a few hours when we were all tucked into bed, I was still panting and my heart was beating really fast - even while I was sleeping - that Daddy and Mommy were worried. So I went back to see my friends at the animal hospital.

Really, I was happy because I was hoping to see Santa again because I forgot to tell him that me and Scout needed new beds.

I got to see my new friend, Dr .... rats, I forgot her name. But guess what? She can't hear with her ears! She told Mommy she had to read her lips, but since I can talk with my mind - Ta da! Super Electro Dog! - she and I had a great conversation. She made me do some tricks and walk around the room; she told me she wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting somewhere and that's why I was panting.

She said I was fine, that I was just way too overexcited. Unless I had something called a seizure when I was in the crate but there was no way to know. So she said go home and call her if we had a problem. So we went home and snuggled and fell asleep.

The bad thing was that Santa wasn't at the hospital. The good thing was that he knew we needed beds because when we got up in the morning? NEW BEDS!! AND TOYS!!!

So we stayed home all day on Christmas Day and Mommy and Daddy watched movies and ate food and relaxed the whole day. Cassie came over and then her boyfriend came over later.

So that was our Christmas.

Since then, Mommy has worked almost not at all, which is great! The chickens are out of their coop when it's nice, and that's fun. They're goofy to watch. Mommy took video of them.

Yesterday, I ate the sleeve on Mommy's new sweater so now she has to watch me to make sure it all comes out, if you know what I mean. We have to got to the vet tomorrow anyway to get shots so I can go play at Camp Bow Wow and we have to get flu shots. So I figured since we were going anyway, I might as well give them another surprise.

Oh, and guess what? I wrote Mommy's column for the Christian Voice Magazine! It'll be in the February magazine. Mommy was taking a nap and I figured I'd help her out and give her a rest. I'm nice like that.

So anyway, that's about it. Now we get ready for the new year!

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