Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday turkey with Grandma!

Bandit here! Me and Scout went with Mommy to Grandma's house for turkey today. Aunt Jackie and Uncle Eric were there, and Dali was there, Cassie and her boyfriend came over later after Cassie got out of work. Daddy went hunting all day. He needed a break from us.

Grandma is the best. She makes cut out cookies with frosting that are delicious. I know. I ate a whole bag of them!

Scout didn't like to be at Grandmas. He used to like to go when he was the only dog around but now that it's Dali's house he just wanted to go home. He's like that. He likes people but he doesn't really want to hang with other dogs.

I can see why! Dali was climbing on me and then climbing on Scout. She doesn't get a lot of dog company so she reeeaally wanted to play but Scout didn't want to play at all. And I didn't like that she was climbing on my brother so I tried to protect him.

Plus, she was all kissy face with Mommy! MY MOMMY! I didn't like that either. I gave Dali some scary growls and showed her all of my teeth and she got the message. Hands off my Mommy.

But actually I love Dali a lot. We have lots and lots of good fun when it's warm outside and we can run and play and wrestle. I like to play in her pool in the summer but she always pees in it so we stopped that game.

Anyway, Grandma cooked a lot of good food and even though I wasn't able to steal any from the stove - I was good, Santa! I only stole Dali's dog food! - it smelled really yummy in there and Mommy and Aunt Jackie let me have some tastes. I tried turkey and stuffing and corn.

I had to wear my leash the whole time and stay hooked to Mommy's ankle so she could remind me when I forgot and started to eat from the table. Scout stayed right by the front door the whole time saying, Anytime you're ready to go, I'm ready to go, Mommy! Are you ready? I'm ready!

So here's something I learned about my Aunt Jackie: I think she is magic. I was in the kitchen looking at the turkey. She said to me, Don't do what I know you're thinking about doing, Bandit!

How did she know what I was thinking?? And how did she know I was thinking about something that I shouldn't do?? I was afraid to think about anything after that. It's not easy to think about nothing when there is a whole turkey right in front of your nose.

Aunt Jackie has a dog named Goliath. Scout loves him and said I would love him too, but Aunt Jackie won't bring him to visit. She said it's too much chaos with all the dogs. Darn. I have another cousin that I've never met. Scout says Surprise! Goliath is not a giant dog but a little dog who is smaller than our cat. But he's got sharp teeth and he can chase Dali and Scout around! I can't wait to meet him.

Want to hear something funny? Aunt Jackie wants Uncle Eric to buy her a stroller for her dog. Like he's a baby! Isn't that hilarious? I wonder if Goliath wears diapers? HAHAHA Just kidding. Anyway, Uncle Eric just rolled his eyes and said, No. I think what he meant was, You're crazy, Aunt Jackie.

When we got home from Grandma's, Daddy told us about how he shot TWO does today! One time, he had to run and shoot really far with his last bullet and it sounded like a wild west movie and he was John Wayne. He's the coolest Daddy in the whole world. I hope he makes us some dog jerky from that deer.

So anyway, that's what we did for my birthday.

Love, Bandit

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