Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waiting for a sweater in 2009

OK, you know that on Monday, I ate a hole in Mommy's new sweater. Mommy says that yarn that went into me has to come out of me, otherwise it'll clog up my insides and I'll have to go to the hospital again and have xrays taken of my guts to see what's inside there, like that time I ate the cat toy and was sick all over.

So for the past few days, Mommy has been following me around when I go potty to see if there's any yarn in there.

Mommy keeps saying, Bandit, do you have to go potty? Maybe you can poop out that sweater so I can stop worrying.

I'm doing my best, Mommy, but so far no sweater.

I started to wonder if I actually even ate the sweater, so I looked at her sleeve - yup, that hole looks like my work. Gee, I don't feel like I have a sweater in my belly, but if it went in and hasn't come out it must be in there somewhere.

So that's how me and Mommy are ending 2009, just waiting for the sweater to show up.

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