Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Scout and Bandit: Should we get another puppy?

Dear Scout,

We have a dog named Buster. He's a good dog and he's been with us for 4 years. Our friend's dog just had puppies and we thought we would bring one home as a playmate for Buster! Since you got a new brother this year, we thought you could tell us what you think about that idea.

Buster's mommy and daddy

* * * * *

Dear Buster's mommy and daddy,

Gee, you must not like Buster very much. Or he's been a really bad dog and you're giving him the worst punishment you can think of.

Don't get another puppy! A puppy brother will bite Buster and eat his food and sleep in his bed and steal all of his toys. A new puppy brother will take all of the attention away from Buster because the new puppy will be soooo cuuuute! (barf) and Buster will just be the same old Buster.

Of course, you probably already have the new puppy picked out and named, so I don't know why you bothered to ask my advice. Tell Buster to write to me and I'll help him figure out what to do when the new puppy takes over his life and makes him want to pack up his Milk Bones and head for the hills.


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