Friday, December 11, 2009

Chat with Santa: Is Santa in financial trouble?

Bandit here.

Mommy read a press release today about a website where you can chat with Santa, right from the North Pole. You call a phone number and watch Santa answer the phone and talk to your kids (or dogs) on your computer.

But it costs money to do it.

So I have a question: is Santa having financial troubles?

It must cost a lot to make toys for all the girls and boys and dogs. Does he get paid for those appearances he makes at the department stores and animal hospitals? Does Santa have an off season job?

Maybe we need to have a fundraiser for Santa. Maybe he needs money and that's why all of his helpers wear stockings. Maybe they don't like having cold legs. Maybe they just don't have enough money to buy pants.

Wait, Mommy just told me that part of the money kids pay to talk to Santa goes to help the SPCA, which is a thing that helps animals. Oh, that's nice! Our cat brother Murphy came from Lollypop Farm, which is part of the Humane Society. So it's nice that Santa is helping animals!

And Mommy says it costs money to set up the special space age telephone system from the North Pole to your computer, so some of the money pays for that.

OK, it all makes sense now!

I don't need to call Santa, because I already saw him when he was in town. He's a personal friend. But if you want to talk to Santa, here's the info (Mommy, can you write this part for me?):

Visit this website to Chat with Santa: You can get a daily pass for $2.95 24 hours, or a season pass for $9.95 that lets you can talk to Santa all you want until December 23.

Thanks, Mommy!

But I still have a question: Where exactly does Santa get the money to run the North Pole anyway?

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