Friday, December 4, 2009

Scout updates on Bandit

Scout here. Mommy went to see Bandit at the doggie hospital tonight. She said he looks terrible but that's probably because he's on some medicine to make him calm. She said his eyes are all glassy and he's just acting funny.

I know how he feels. I was acting funny this week when Dr. Hawkins gave me funny medicine.

Mommy said she laid right down on the floor with Bandit and snuggled for a little bit. He was excited to see her but then he curled up with her and started to go to sleep. She said Bandit's stomach was gurgling and gurgling. The nice vet helper, Beth, said they gave him some dinner - nice squishy canned food - and Mommy said that sometimes new food gives Bandit diarrhea. And that he chews up his blankies. So they might want to watch and make sure he doesn't poop all over or eat his blankie. Last time Bandit was at the vet hospital he chewed through the leash and made a big, big fuss.

Dr. Kirk said that Bandit could come home tonight if Mommy wanted, but that he would prefer to keep him till tomorrow to make sure Bandit's heart was all goofy because he was excited and not because there was something wrong with it. Mommy said that was OK with her as long as she could call anytime. They told her call all night, Mommy! We're here 24/7.

It's very, very quiet here without Bandit. I like being alone. I admit it. I get to sleep on my own dog bed and there's no one biting my legs and chasing me around. I played tree ball with Mommy and Murphy. And I'm getting to rest my paw from Bandit biting me all the time.

But I miss Bandit. It's fun to get all-Mommy-time sometimes, but I want my brother to come home soon and to be all better. Mommy is fun, but I need Bandit. I am used to my brother and he's getting better. You know he'll be one year old on Sunday? I hope he's well enough to have a party.

Anyway, pray for my brother Bandit to get better quick and not to get into Mommy's purse any more and eat stuff!

Love, Scout

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