Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Me and Mommy play Mystery Barf

Bandit here!

Last night me and Mommy played a game I like to call Mystery Barf. Here's how it works:

During the day, I eat something that I know will make me sick. Then, during the night, I throw up what I ate. The trick is for Mommy to find out what I barfed up before I eat the evidence.

Last night was even trickier because Mommy was wearing new earplugs. I was afraid she wasn't going to hear me and that I would be throwing up for nothing.

But ta da! The earplugs might drown out the sound of a daddy snoring but they do not drown out the sound of a doggy barfing!

When she heard me, Mommy yanked her earplugs out of her ears, jumped out of bed, and ran to my crate. Too late. The mystery barf was already gone.

Round 1 goes to Bandit!

Mommy got me out so she could wipe up the leftover mess. I got into her bed to wait and then when she was done I got back into my crate.

Then we both waited to see if there would be a Round 2 of the game.

But I didn't need to throw up again because Mommy thought that while I was in her bed I had eaten her earplugs because she couldn't find them.

They look like little pink marshmallows, and if I had seen them you know I would have eaten them. But I must have missed them. Rats. That would have been fun to eat the earplugs and have Mommy find them when I threw up.

But it didn't even matter! Because Mommy was so worried about a) what I had already barfed and b) that I had eaten something else to barf, that she spent the rest of the night watching me and checking on me.

Which is exactly what I wanted her to do.

Game over! Bandit is the big winner again!

In the morning, Mommy found her earplugs, I ate breakfast and didn't throw up anything else, and Scout was a good boy like always.

And that's how me and Mommy played games all night.


PS: Bandit here! Guess what? I just pooped out another cat toy! I forgot I even ate that. More bonus points for me!!!

At least I didn't have to go to the hospital like I did the last time I ate a cat toy and had to go to the emergency room. That was my first trip to the emergency room, not the time I ate Mommy's inhaler. Here, you can read what Mommy wrote and even see pictures of my inside guts! This was before I learned how to use her computer: http://dogvotional.blogspot.com/2009/10/bandit-takes-trip-to-emergency-room.html.

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Heidi said...

That is just too much Joanne. Good to hear he didn’t eat the earplugs.

Joanne Brokaw said...

Heidi, let's just say there's a reason why I had to buy a new box of earplugs. Fortunately, they seem to pass thru him without problems, LOL!