Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bandit: I'm home from the hospital and I met SANTA!

Hi, it's Bandit! I"m home from the hospital!

You do not want to go to the hospital. They stick you with needles and they give you funny medicine and they make you wear a lampshade on your head and sleep in a cage. It is not fun.

There were a lot of people there but none of them were Mommy. I had a nice doctor and helpers and they took very good care of me. But I wanted Mommy.

Here's what happened: yesterday I opened Mommy's purse to see if I could find her cell phone to call Dali and say hello. But instead I found Mommy's medicine. And I ate it.

It made me feel really shaky and made my heart go BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM really really fast. So Mommy took me to the doctor and by then my ears and whiskers were shaking and I was talking really fast.

So they made me go to the hospital. They gave me medicine to make my heart beat not so fast and other medicine to make me sleepy and they took out all of my blood and did experiments on it. Then I had to stay overnight.

Mommy came to get me today. Dr. Simon Kirk said I am back to normal - Hahaha, Mommy said. Normal for him, Dr. Kirk said. They both laughed. I think they were joking about me.

But I don't even care because here's the best part. When they brought me to Mommy, guess who else was in the room?


I am not kidding. He was there with his helpers. So Mommy got my picture taken and then she went home and got Scout and he got his picture taken, too! See, I am telling the truth:

The best part was that Santa had biscuits. I found the jar and jumped on the counter and got tangled in the lights and knocked them down. And Santa didn't even yell at me!

So I had to go to the hospital and get stuck with needles and have experiments done on my blood but I also got to meet Santa. So it was all good in the end.

Love, Bandit

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Rascal B Cool said...

I'm really glad you're feeling better, Bandit! Very exciting about you and Scout getting to see Santa. He has biscuits? Wow, that's so cool! I'm a biscuit freak!! Sounds like you need your own iBone to call your friends and maybe tweet a bit. Mom's just have too much stuff in their purse!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rascal! If they had phones for dogs I would have one for sure. But for now I use Mommy's when she's not looking. She had a lot of fun stuff in her purse. The dollar bills taste the best.