Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeah! Scout's better!

Bandit here! Mommy was right! Scout was acting funny last night because he had a lot of funny medicine in him!

Last night, he went potty in the house, which is definitely not something Scout does. I think he felt really bad about that. But Mommy took good care of him. She said his medicine is making him feel really goofy and he couldn't figure out how to let Mommy know he had to go out. He seemed a little confused last night.

This morning, he is pretty much normal. He is still being a little funny; he just wants to lie down on his bed, which I usually kick him out of and then chew up. Today I think I should let him lie on his own bed. He does get up and try to run but Mommy makes him go lie back down, and I think he's happy to do that.

Mommy said that today Scout has to take some more medicine that will make him sleepy but will make his paw not hurt so much, so I am not supposed to bug him or make him run or wrestle with him. That is going to be very hard to do. I guess I'll have to wrestle with Murphy.

Mommy said that Scout's paw will feel a lot better, even better than it did before Dr. Hawkins cut his bad nail, so Scout will want to go for walks again. He hasn't wanted to walk much this week.

But yeah!! Scout isn't sick!! He just has to wait until tomorrow when Dr. Hawkins takes the bandages off his paw and then he can play with me!!

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Lexie (Dogstoyevsky said...

I's sure Scout will be all betta soon and will be able to go out for some nice walks wiv you! Hugs and kisses from Lexie