Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scout is hurt, Bandit is confused

Bandit here. Something is wrong with my brother Scout.

After dinner tonight, Mommy saw that Scout was chewing on his paw. She noticed yesterday that he was limping and she checked his paws to see if he stepped on something. But tonight she called Dr. Hawkins right away and took Scout to see her.

They were gone for a while, and when they got home, something was very wrong with Scout. His front paw was all wrapped up in something and he couldn't stand up. And he couldn't stay awake. He just fell down and was asleep, and so I sniffed him all over, really gentle. He smelled funny, like medicine or something.

Something is not right! Mommy, what's wrong with Scout?

Mommy said that I am not to bother Scout, but when she went to make tea, I snuck over to him and nudged him. He didn't move, so I barked. And he still didn't move!

Mommy! Come quick! Something is wrong with Scout!

Mommy came running and checked Scout. She said that Scout had something called a sedative and it made him very sleepy. And that his toenail was split bad and had to get cut to a very painful part of his paw and that it bled a lot and hurts a whole lot.

Then she pet Scout and she started crying. She said his bandage reminds her of when he broke his leg when he was just a puppy and he's lying so quiet just like Natasha did before she died.

I don't want Scout to die! I don't want Mommy to cry! I don't know what to do!

Mommy hugged me and said Scout will be fine when his medicine wears off, but for the next day or so I cannot play with him. She said she is just sad because she hates to see her puppies in pain.

If there's one thing I know, if you are sick you definitely want Mommy to take care of you. She will stay up all night to make sure you're breathing and she'll clean up if you get sick and she'll pet you and love you.

When it was time for bed, Daddy tucked me in and said that Scout would seem more like normal in the morning. I think Mommy is sleeping with Scout downstairs, but Daddy wouldn't tell me because he thinks I will bark all night.

But I want Scout to get better really fast, so I went to bed like a good puppy. I got right in my crate and went to sleep and said a prayer and asked God to make Scout better really fast. It's scary when someone you love gets hurt!

Love, Bandit

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