Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guess who?? Snow puppies!!!

OK, can you guess who this is?

It's me, Bandit! Did I fool you?

Hahaha, it's snowing a lot and me and Scout have been outside playing!! I got covered in so much snow I looked like a snowball with a tail!

Me and Scout are having tons of fun in the snow. Mommy says it is definitely not fun. But since Scout is having more fun than he has had in a very long time she said she will suffer and go outside and play Snow Momster until we have to go to the vet to get our shots.

But then Mommy made us come in because I was shivering so much that even my whiskers shivered.

Look at Scout! He's making Snow Puppy Angels!

You should go outside and play Snow Momster with your puppy today. Your puppy will love you for it.

In fact, if your puppies are good at the vet getting shots in their behinds, like me and Scout were today, you should take them to our friend Tim Hortons for a Tim Bit, like Mommy did for us today.

So go play in the snow and then go get coffee and donuts with your puppies! Happy Snow Day!

Love, Bandit

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