Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scout's first reading session of the New Year

Hi, everyone! Scout here! Bandit has been such a blog hog that I haven't been able to write. But today he's been bad so Mommy that said No blogging for you, Bandit.

He chewed her slippers and keeps stealing stuff and now he's barking and barking at me because he wants to write. Mommy is going to put him in his crate if he doesn't SHUT UP BANDIT!

OK, so you know on Wednesdays I go to school to read with Timmy. I am having trouble learning how to lie down for half an hour. I'd rather roll around on the floor with Timmy and play ball or something. But I'm trying!

Well, today is Wednesday. It was really, really cold out and Mommy had to park way almost at the end of the school world. It's a long, long walk from that parking lot. So instead of going right to the elementary school, we went into the high school doors so we could walk inside for half the way.

We had to sign in at the high school first. Well, the ladies in the high school office loved me! They pet me and let me kiss them and they said I made their day.

That made me happy.

But then the bad news was that when we got to the elementary school and signed in and went to Timmy's classroom we found out Timmy wasn't in school today. Which was OK because Mommy had stopped to talk to some lady and there were a bunch of kids today all around me and by the time we got to Timmy's classroom I was ready to go.

So we turned around and said goodbye to the elementary office ladies (who I love!) and went back through the halls to the high school and said goodbye to those office ladies (I'll come back next week, I promise!).

Then we started to walk to our car and you know what Mommy did? She went right onto the baseball field, in all the snow, and started throwing snowballs for me to catch! She let me run around for a while, which was fun. I love playing in the snow.

And then we went to Tim Horton's for coffee and donuts like we do every Wednesday.

And Bandit didn't get any Tim Bits. HA! Wednesdays are Mommy and Scout date days. No Bandits allowed.

So today was bad because we didn't see Timmy but good because I made new friends. And I had a donut hole and Bandit didn't. Sometimes everyone needs a day to be special all on their own.

Love Scout

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