Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No naptime for Mommy

Hi, everyone!

Mommy wanted to take a nap today so she put me in my crate so I wouldn't get into trouble while she was sleeping. That Mommy is getting tricky, isn't she?

Then she turned off all the lights, and Scout got up in the recliner and Murphy got up in his cat tree and Mommy got up on the couch and everyone settled in to take a nap.

Except I didn't want to take a nap. I let everyone be quiet for a few minutes and then I said, Hey everyone! Get up! Get me outta here! Please!

Scout decided to move to Mommy's office and sleep under her desk. But Murphy decided to get up and go walk on Mommy's head. Then Mommy decided that with my whining and Murphy walking on her that we were not going to give her a moment's peace. So she got up.

Then I went to take a nap. I had a good rest!

Love, Bandit

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