Monday, January 11, 2010

Bandit's at Camp Bow Wow!

Hey everyone! Guess where I am?

Camp Bow Wow! Can you find me in the pictures?

Mommy wanted to go meet her friends Phil and Steve to do some writing and she didn't want to lock me in my crate so she sent me to play with my friends at Camp Bow Wow for a few hours. Thank you, Mommy. I get tired of barking.

Scout hates it here because he hates it when there are so many other dogs so he stayed home. I'll bet he's chewing all the toys I don't usually let him play with. Well, I'll be home soon, Scout, so play now while you can! HAHAHA!

Anyway, look at me! I met a lot of new dog friends here. Last time I came I was trying to protect Scout because he was so scared. This time, I get to just play play play!

I'm having fun but I might need to teach them how to play snowball smash.

Love Bandit

PS: I'm home from Camp Bow Wow. My friend Lindsey told Mommy I did pretty good. She said I was nervous, which I was. And then she ratted me out and told Mommy I had to have a little time out because I snapped at someone. She said I wasn't bad, just not sure why that stupid dog was trying to sniff me. So she let me take a little rest in a crate for a few minutes.

Camp was a lot of fun. I followed the girl workers around and watched everyone and then I even played. But HAHAHA, Lindsey! I was not completely tired when I got home! I took a little nap in the car but I was my normal happy self when I got home. I can't wait to come back and play. (If you try Camp Bow Wow, tell them I sent you and I'll get a free day to go back and play!)

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