Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stinky snow day

Mommy was supposed to go to Buffalo today to bring some stuff for Cassie's new apartment. Which meant I would have to be in my crate for the day because Mommy says she is flat broke and can't send me to camp until she gets paid.

But yeah! She had her days mixed up so she gets to stay home with us!

Which is good because it is very snowy out today. Except Mommy is being mean and not going out to play with us. I have tried to tell her that we snow puppies need to be out chasing snowballs, but she is ignoring us.

Rats. And now I have to be in my crate anyway because I have eaten the gas and electric bill and Daddy's hunting catalog.

I am barking in my crate to let Mommy know that I am ready to get out. Except for some reason, Mommy won't let me out until I stop barking. So how am I supposed to tell her that I am ready to be let out if I can't bark? If I don't bark, she might forget about me and leave me here all day!

Come on, Mommy! Let me out of jail! I need to chase snowballs!

Love Bandit

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