Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shuffling off to Buffalo

So guess what? I got to go on a big adventure today!

Me and Mommy and Daddy moved Cassie's stuff to her new apartment today. And Mommy thought I should stay home in my crate but Daddy thought I should come. Mommy said, OK, but it's going to be an adventure. Daddy said, Well, we don't have time for an adventure. And Mommy said, Well, if you bring Bandit, that's what you're getting.

First, I helped Daddy load stuff into the trailer last night. Then today I sat in the truck while they loaded up the rest of the stuff. Even if they didn't want to bring me, I wasn't getting out of the truck. hahahaha!

Then we went to Grandmas to get more stuff. Me and Dali were chained outside and we played a little bit. But then Dali got her chain wrapped around my legs and I was tied up like a stuffed turkey until Mommy heard me crying. So Mommy let me loose and I just ran around Grandma's house until it was time to go.

Then I helped Daddy drive his truck to Buffalo. I'm a good navigator!

When we got to Buffalo, Mommy and Daddy chained me on Cassie's porch while they unloaded stuff. There is a lot of room for a dog to lie around on Cassie's porch. Unless your Daddy is trying to move a bed and he gets your chain stuck and then squishes your head against a pole and then yells at you for making him trip. So as long as you're not moving beds, there is a lot of room for a dog.

While I was outside, I met Cassie's neighbor, Joe, and I talked to a dog that went by. Dali will have a lot of new dog neighbors!

Mommy and Daddy talked to Travis, the man who is in charge of Cassie's apartment, and I jumped on him while he and Mommy and Daddy talked about stuff that still needs to be done. Like the rug in Cassie's bedroom still had to be cleaned and they couldn't put her bed stuff in that room. So I hung out in Cassie's new bedroom and chewed on my Kong toys while Mommy and Daddy put together furniture and stuff.

Then we all piled into the truck and went home. On the way, Mommy stopped to go potty in the potty building and when she came out she had french fries and chicken strips! They had a restaurant in the potty building! So we had a snack on the way home.

It was a tiring day. After my snack, I took a long nap.

I think Cassie and Dali are going to be very happy in their new apartment. I hope Grandma doesn't get too lonely without Dali. Me and Scout already decided we are going to go over and shed on her furniture sometimes so she doesn't get lonely.

And that's how I had a big adventure today that I didn't expect to have!

Love, Bandit

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