Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scout and Bandit were bad

Hi everyone. Me and Scout have been bad this weekend.

On Friday night, we tore down the fence in the back yard. Not the whole fence, just the plastic part Daddy put up to keep me from jumping over to visit the neighbors.

Actually, I didn't tear down as much as Scout did. He's crazy with the fence. When we see our friends Kona and Killian through the fences, we get excited and start pulling the tree branches and stuff. Well before we knew it, we had torn down all of the fence and threw the pieces all over the backyard.

Mommy and Daddy were not happy with us at all. Daddy said he was done done done with us but Mommy said we had to fix the fence, because if the fence didn't get fixed, us puppies wouldn't be able to go outside without Mommy because I like to go visiting. And even when Mommy is with me, sometimes I forget and just jump right over the fence and visit Marcus and Tina.

But when the fence is up, I stay right in my own yard where I'm supposed to be.

Yup, they had to fix the fence quick.

So on Saturday while Daddy was at work, Mommy went and got some wire fence and decided to fix the fence before Daddy got home from work. She felt bad that Daddy would have to go out in the cold after working for a whole day making hamburgers to get money so me and Scout can have lots of treats and toys.

So we all went out to work. Then me and Scout were bad again. Mostly me this time.

See, it was really, really cold out on Saturday. And Mommy was having trouble holding that big giant roll of wire fence and hooking it up. It took her a while but she got most of it set up. Me and Scout didn't help because we were wrestling and I was eating poop. Then Kona and Killlian came out and we were barking and barking and pulling on the fence and barking some more.

And then all the fence Mommy was working with unrolled and the whole thing smacked her right in the face and bent her glasses.

When she stopped working to fix them, I stole her gloves. When she went to grab me, she dropped the wrench right into the snowbank and had to reach in with her bare hands. Then she went to grab the wire again and her cold, wet hands stuck right to the wire.

Meanwhile, I was running around the yard with her gloves and chewing them up and Scout was barking and running around her feet to try and get her to throw snowballs.

We were not making it easy for Mommy to fix the fence.

It took about eleventy hundred and three minutes, but she finally got enough fence up to block the hole we made, and we went inside. Me and Scout decided to be good for the rest of the day and we just napped and snuggled with Mommy and let her watch movies.

We haven't found a way to tear this new part of the fence down yet. But we're working on it.

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Rascal B Cool said...

The dogs do seem to get wound up when it's cold and frosty! Ups their energy level I think! Sorry about your fence problems, I can identify! Fences are thier favorite challenge! The hugs & cuddles at the end of the day are worth it though! Stay warm and to Scout & Bandit...maybe a bit less frisky!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rascal! Me and Scout are snow puppies, too! We are deciding to try and be good and not bug Mommy too much.

Stay cool, Rascal!

Love Bandit