Friday, January 29, 2010

Jerky Daddy

Me and Scout and Mommy tasted some deer jerky that Daddy made this week, and it was the best best best jerky he has ever made in his whole entire life. Thanks for making such good jerky, Daddy! We ate a bunch of it!

Our Daddy is the best. He makes the best hamburgers and the best deer jerky and the best chicken coops.

Then there's Mommy.

Sharing jerky was a good thing that Mommy did for us today.

The bad thing she did for us today was that she went to Buffalo with Cassie and left us alone for eleventeen thousand hours. Scout got to sleep in the recliner but I had to stay in my stupid crate.

Mean Mommy. Stupid crate.

Wait till she finds out that I ate a big giant hole in her blanket when she wasn't watching me.

Love Bandit

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