Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bandit and Dali run away

Hi everyone!

So me and Mommy went to Grandma's today to hang out for a little bit because Aunt Jackie the Mind Reader was in town. Plus, Dali is going to be moving away in a couple of weeks and I will never ever see her again for a very long time. Unless Mommy will take me to Buffalo to visit her.

Anyway, me and Dali were bad dogs. I did my normal stuff; I ate all of Dali's food and then put my whole head in the bag of dog food and then jumped up on all of the counters and licked some salsa from a dish.

Then, Dali peed on Grandma's floor. She does that sometimes.

Then, when Mommy went to take us out to go potty, we tricked her and ran away! Hahaha! We ran fast. I only got to Leo's house and then I slipped on his driveway and ran back to Mommy so she could kiss my boo boo. But Dali ran and ran and disappeared, and Mommy had to get the car and go look for her. Run, Dali! Run! But Grandma found Dali at Mrs. Pray's house. She was playing in the creek mud. Dali was, not Mrs. Pray.

Then, I was showing Dali my teeth all day, because I wanted her to know that even though I am only 37 pounds and she is 80 pounds, I like to be the chief dog. Dali always smiles at me and wags her tail when I do that, but she is a trickster! Because when I showed her my teeth the last time, she jumped on me and bit me on my face and we had a very good fight. Then Mommy had to kiss more boo boos. I am not going to show Dali my teeth again. She can be the chief dog. That's OK with me.

But we weren't all bad. Mommy played games with us and gave us Cheetos for sitting, laying down, staying and leaving it. We played Puppy School very good. Mommy even made me and Dali do spins like we were in a circus! We got dizzy. I like Cheetos.

On the way home, Mommy stopped at Wegmans to get something for dinner. I waited in the car. When she was putting her bags in, I snuck out of the car. I was going to investigate the parking lot but when I ran around Mommy's car, I realized that there are a lot of cars in the parking lot! Mommy! Come quick and find me!

So me and Mommy just came home and Scout wanted to hear all about my adventure because Mommy wouldn't let him come with us. He is too nervous at Dali's house.

Then Grandma just emailed me and said Dali ran away again! Run, Dali, run! But she is home.

Oh, and I think Cheetos give me diarrhea. Maybe I should not eat Cheetos any more?

Tomorrow, Mommy and Grandma and Aunt Jackie and everyone else is doing January Christmas with a turkey and presents. Mommy said I cannot come because I am a pain in the you know where. Rats. Maybe if I kiss her enough she will change her mind. I should have asked Grandma if I could come. She always says yes to me.

Love, Bandit

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