Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poor Scout the reading dog

I feel bad for my brother Scout. He had reading today at the elementary school. But something in the library scared Scout a couple of months ago and now he's afraid to go there sometimes.

Well, today a big loud voice came booming from the ceiling to tell announcements to the school. The voice was not God. And it scared Scout a lot.

Scout told me that he just wanted O.U.T. of there. So Mommy had to take him home. Poor Scout. Sometimes he can be a fraidy cat about loud noises.

If I could, I would go be a reading dog and go to school instead of Scout. I could sit still and listen to stories. I like to stare at people.

But I can't be a reading dog because I didn't take the reading dog test. Mommy says maybe someday I can but first I have to learn that my mouth is for singing songs and eating biscuits, not barking and biting fingers.

Love, Bandit

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