Saturday, February 27, 2010

I won another round of Mystery Barf today

We still have a lot of snow so Mommy played Incredible Snow Momster with us today.

I ate a lot of snowballs.

Then I barfed.

I barfed up water and dog food and biscuits and some kleenex and some other stuff I don't remember eating. I barfed in the house and then I barfed in the yard. I barfed a few times. But I did not barf up any snowballs.

And then I felt great! I ran around and jumped on Scout and chased Abby at the fence.

Mommy said since I was so barfy today I couldn't have my regular dinner. So I had rice and chicken.

So I win Mystery Barf again! I should barf more often.


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nancy said...

Dear Bandit,

Next time you barf make sure it is on something nice like the rug my mommy brought in Morocco and brought all the way back so I could puke on it. I'm sure she is happy I ignored all of our concrete floors and picked that to barf on. And make sure that your mystery barf is made up of something REALLY good, like the bird feeder made out of leftover fat. It makes great mystery barf. Good luck on your next Mystery Barf round!


Anonymous said...

Oh, those are good ideas! Scout barfed right on Daddy a couple of weeks ago. Daddy was sleeping in bed and Scout went in and barfed all over him. It was great.

I like Mystery Barf. It keeps Mommy guessing!