Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mommy is leaving us!

Mommy said today that she is going to visit Cassie for the night and she is not bringing us puppies.

She said that me and Scout and Murphy are going to have a boy's night with Daddy, and that she is going to have a girl's night with Cassie and Dali in their new house.

Scout said that it will be fun to stay with just Daddy. But I don't know. I don't even like when Mommy goes to the bathroom without me.

When I was just a baby and Mommy fell in love with me and brought me home, she left me alone with Daddy for a few days while she went to work in a place called Nashvegas.

Daddy played an adventure game with me called Learn how to go down the stairs, Bandit! He pointed me with my head down the stairs and he held my tail so I didn't fall, and then he gave me a little shove. It was very scary. But now I can run up and down the stairs really good so I guess it was OK.

Daddy says while Mommy is away we are going to have an adventure. Mommy said, No adventures! Just make sure Bandit doesn't eat any slippers or clothes or cat toys. Daddy said, Ha ha, he won't eat anything on my watch!

Hahaha, Daddy! You just wait! Mommy isn't even gone yet and already Daddy dropped a jar out of the cupboard and me and Scout licked up a bunch of mayonnaise. Even the mayonnaise that got all over our fur.

So having a boy's night with Daddy might be fun. I hope he knows how to play kill the kickball. And Mommy made up a new game called Hansel and Gretel. I hope he knows that game, too.


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