Thursday, February 25, 2010

We got locked inside the house!

Me and Scout got to practice our agility today. Someone broke the door today and we all got locked inside the house!

Mommy took us out one time through the front door, but then we had to go on the porch, climb over the Christmas tree that's still in front of the door, and then open the sticky fence to go into the back yard.

Mommy said a bad word, and then she just took the window off the screen door and we went in and out that way.

Mommy can't figure out why the screen door is stuck in the lock position. When Daddy gets home he is going to be very mad at Mommy for using the window like that but she said she doesn't care. Me and Scout go outside every 1/2 hour and she said she'd rather climb through the window than go through the front door hassle.

Scout is very good at jumping through stuff. I did it a few times. Mommy even gave me a step to get up on but I didn't want to do any more jumping. So she had to come out and toss me back into the house through the window.

But it was fun to play circus dog in the house!

Love Bandit

PS: Guess what? Daddy wasn't mad at us! He was so happy that we hadn't broken the glass on the door that he didn't get mad that the handle was broke. And he was very impressed with our agility jumping. See, Daddy, I'll bet you're glad we spent a gazillion dollars at puppy school!

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