Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bandit visits the credit union

Hey, everyone! Guess where I went today? To the credit union!

The credit union is a place where Mommies go to deposit Daddies paychecks. Our daddy works very hard making hamburgers and french fries all day so we can have dog food and toys, and so Mommy can stay home with us instead of putting us in crates and going to a stupid job where she can't wear her pajamas.

Remember last week, Scout went to the credit union and when he came home, he was all wet? Turns out that you do not get baths at the credit union. You should know that in case you were afraid that if you went there they would noose you and drown you and make you bald like Mommy did to us last week.

So here's how the credit union works.

Mommy goes in and writes a bunch of stuff on a piece of paper. Then she goes to see Tammy at the desk. Mommy gives Tammy the papers, and Tammy gives me a biscuit!

Isn't that great?

There are a lot of people at the credit union who like dogs. I got pet and loved a lot. It was nice. Except for one lady who kept calling me a girl. I'm a boy! Don't people know how to tell boy dogs from girl dogs?

On the way out, Mommy ran into her friend Dan and they talked and talked and talked. So the credit union is also a place to meet your friends and talk.

I can't wait to go back next week.


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