Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new tweeting puppy collar

Mommy's friend Chris sent her a note about a new toy that's coming out. It's called Puppy Tweets.

The news story says that you put a special collar on your puppy. Then when your puppy moves, his collar sends a signal to your computer and it posts a tweet from the puppy.

Well, not a real tweet. Mommy says that the tweet is just one the computer picks from a bunch that the computer has in its brain. So if the puppy is chewing your slippers the tweet might say, "Hi, I'm taking a nap!"

That's stupid. Why don't Mommies just let their puppies use the computer, like my Mommy does? Do people think puppies are stupid? OK, so some of us eat poop once in a while, which might not be a very smart thing to do.

But I can write my own tweets and blog stories. I can use a computer. I'm a smart puppy. Don't you want to read stuff that I write myself from my own brain?

I don't need a puppy tweeting collar. What I need is my own cell phone so I can call my grandma and my cousin Dali whenever I want.


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Margo Dill said...

I think my dogs would love their own cell phone to call their grandma and tell them how their mommy mistreats them by not making them steak and chicken for dinner like she does. LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi, Margo. Do you think your mommy would invite me and Scout over for dinner? We like steak and chicken!