Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chef Bandit

I'll bet you didn't know that I help Mommy cook!

My first job is to open the cabinet and lick all of the frying pans so that when Mommy is ready to cook, she has a nice, clean pan.

While Mommy is cooking, I sit by the stove and catch any food she drops, so she doesn't have to sweep the floor.

And then, while Mommy and Daddy eat, I start to clean the dishes in the sink.

I'm a big helper in the kitchen!

Love Bandit

PS - Today Mommy had a pan on the counter and I jumped up to lick it. It had something in there called garlics and onions and olive oils. It was tasty but it made my breath very stinky. If you want your Mommy to give you kisses on the lips, do not eat garlics and onions. Or poop.

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1 comment:

nancy said...

Please remind me to bring my own dishes if I ever come over to eat.