Sunday, February 7, 2010

Taking a nap with Mommy

So today is Sunday, and after Mommy and Daddy got home from church and had lunch, Mommy decided she needed a nap.

You know Mommy has been trying to get a nap for weeks because she is tired and her back hurts. Since Daddy was home she figured he would watch us (meaning me) so that she could sleep without worrying about what clothes were being shredded and what books were being chewed and what cat toys I was collecting in my belly or what else I was doing that might make me have to go back to the hospital.

Scout is a good dog so he decided to go hide somewhere and take a nap, too. But I decided that wherever Mommy went, I wanted to go.

Except that I was locked with Daddy in the living room. So I kept banging on the glass living room doors - and banging and banging and banging. And Daddy kept trying to get me to stop and stop and stop. But I know that if you bang enough the doors will open just a little and you can squeeze through. (You should know that in case Daddy ever locks you in the living room.)

To keep me quiet, Daddy took us outside for a while, and when we came in, I snuck by him and ran right upstairs and jumped on Mommy and woke her up with my cold nose and wet paws. She was sound asleep and she hardly woke up except to shove me off her head before Daddy came and got me and shoved me into my crate.

So Daddy sat all cozy in the recliner watching TV, Mommy was all cozy upstairs in the bed sleeping (with Murphy, which I didn't think was fair), and Scout was all cozy taking a nap in Mommy's office. And I was in my crate.

What kind of a Mommy and Daddy put their puppy in the crate even when everyone is home?

I actually didn't mind. I like my crate. So I got a rest, too.

When Mommy got up, I was very nice to her because I really missed her. Daddy said he didn't know what else to do with me so that Mommy could get a good nap, because all I did for an hour was bang on the doors to try and get to her.

Daddy said that I don't care about him, but that's not true. I care about him a lot. But me and Mommy are attached like Timmy and Lassie. If Mommy fell down a well, I would jump down there with her.

Plus, I really wanted some tea. When Mommy got up she made some and we shared a cup. (Well, I stole some when she turned her head, which is pretty much the same thing.)

So me and Mommy had a nice nap and tea. It was a pretty good Sunday, even if I did have to spend some of it in my crate while Mommy was upstairs without me.

Love, Bandit

PS: Don't you think that dogs should be allowed to go to church? I do.

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