Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa's reindeer get the OK from their doctor to fly on Christmas!!

This is Dr. Rene Carlson and Prancer. She said the reindeer are A-OK to fly on Christmas!
 Yay!! Santa's reindeer had their check up yesterday from their doctor and they are ready to fly on Christmas eve!!

Their doctor is not Dr. Hawkins or Dr. B or Dr. Herrema, who are our doctors. They are too busy here taking care of us dogs. Plus, it would have been a little crazy if Santa brought 9 reindeer into the office. I don't think Dr. Hawkins has enough biscuts for that many animals! So the big president of the animal doctors went to the North Pole to check out Ruldolph and his pals.

Her name is Dr. Rene Carlson and she had to make sure the reindeer's flying stuff was ready and that they didn't have any reindeer diseases that they could bring to other people's pets.

They are healthy! No worms or emergency poops or coughs or sniffles or anything.They even got their report card, just like when we go to the vet!

So hurry up Santa and get that sleigh filled! Scout isn't feeling very good and I want to make sure he gets his presents before he gets too sick to enjoy them.


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