Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We got a Christmas tree

Hurry up, Daddy! We're ready to go get a tree!

Mommy and Daddy and Scout and me went to Mr. Swagler's today to get a Christmas tree. Yay! That means Santa is coming soon!

Daddy and us dogs at Mr. Swagler's.

I sat nice for a picture.

Scout likes to bury his whole head under the snow!

Me and Scout were really good. We only peed on one or two trees. And the tree man didn't even care! He said, "It's not the first time" and told us that his dogs pee on everything, too. Hahahaha!!

Daddy stuffed the tree in the truck and then stuffed us dogs in there with it.

Hmm. Smells like Christmas!

Then we went home and put it in a tree holder with water and Mommy puts lots of twinkly lights on it. If you turn off all of the lights, it's nice to sit and look at the pretty Christmas tree.

OK, Santa! We're ready!!


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