Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eating shoes and emergency poop

I got very bored today and ate some stuff, like paper and an envelope and part of Mommy's shoe.

The part of the shoe I ate is not something you are supposed to eat. It's a squashy thing that goes inside and helps Mommy's feet feel happy when she walks.

I didn't eat a lot of the shoe. Just part. But now I have a tummy ache and emergency poop. That means that when I have to go outside to poop I have to go out fast. It's not a code red emergency. But it's close.

So you should know that if you are going to eat shoes, you probably are going to have emergency poop. So stay near the potty. Just in case.


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Anonymous said...

Bandit, you went to school and learned how to be a very smart dog, so how come Mommy can't teach you to stop chewing up her shoes?

Bandit said...

Just because I'm smart doesn't mean I have to behave. HAHAHA!!!


Emma and Remy said...

Ohhhhh, I LOVE to eat paper. It's so fun!!!