Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mommy got the best Christmas present ever!

Flow and Brigtte, who are the mommies of our pals Kona and Killian (who we can't bark at through the fence anymore; boo), gave our Mommy THE BEST present ever.

They took stuff from my blog and turned it into a super fantastic beautiful book!!

Mommy almost cried when she saw it, because she knows how much time it took to make it and because she isn't as good a friend as she should be to deserve this great gift.

But me and Scout love it because we published a book!! Maybe we will do on a book tour on our street.

Kona and Killian have the best mommies. They are super smart and talented and are nicer than any other dog mommies we know.

Merry Christmas!!

Love Bandit, who is now a published author

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The Dogteacher said...

Growing old together with your best pal-your dog, is the best thing ever to happen in human's life. And we are part of our dear dog's life!