Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bandit gets snow for his birthday

This is how much snow we had in our driveway yesterday.
We smooshed it all down and used it all up.

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned Terrible Two years old. We didn't have a party or a cake. But Mommy took us to the park to romp and we played with our pal Devo. There was a lot of snow and we romped and romped. Snow is like a super present!

Then later that night Mommy made caramel popcorn and let me and Scout be the official tasters. There was popcorn flying out of the popcorn machine and every time Mommy stirred the popcorn in the oven it jumped out on the floor and me and Scout ate it up. So that was like a party!

This is how much snow we had in our yard this morning!
We used up most of it, too.

We went to the park again today. It was a different park, There is A LOT more snow at this park. Up to our chins! I romped and romped and me and Scout chased snowballs. Mommy said I am getting to be a really bossy naughty dog because I bite my brother a lot. I have to work on that.

This is how much snow was at the park today.
It was up to our chins! And no one had used any of it!! Snow!

But the snow is so exciting I can't help myself! I want it all to myself!!

Snow! Snow! Snow!!

Mommy thinks that playing in the snow will wear me and Scout out and we'll take a nap. HAHAHAHA, Mommy! You're so funny. We just want more! More snow!!


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