Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two therapy dogs!

It's official. Me and Scout are BOTH therapy dogs!

I got my official therapy dog ID card in the mail today. Mommy said that now we can find a place for me to to therapy and maybe a new place for Scout since he didn't really like being in school.

I have to remember to be really good when I do therapy. No peeing on stuff and no eating stuff. I'm actually a pretty good boy when I go out to visit people. And I look pretty in my new moo cow collar and leash. So I'm going to be a good therapy dog.

Mommy said me and Scout both need baths because we stink like the stinkiest things in the whole wide world, and stinky dogs are not allowed to do therapy. I don't know if I'm going to like being a therapy dog if I have to have baths. But I get to go places in the dogmobile with Mommy, so maybe I will after all!!

If you need a therapy dog to come to visit you and snuggle you and make you smile, you just let me and Scout know and we'll be there to give you therapy!

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nancy said...


My mom and dad said the donkeys smelled better than me.


Emma and Remy said...

Bath time isn't so bad, it's the blow dryer that we don't like.

Congrats on the therapy dog thing.

Bandit said...

Fezzik, Mommy says someday she's going to get a donkey. If he smells better than a dog, maybe she'll let him sleep in the bed, too!

Remy, we don't get the blow dryer. We are way too scared of it so we just shake water all over the whole house and air dry.