Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bandit learns a new trick

Happy New Year! Guess what? I learned a new trick!

It's called "This is going on your nose." This is how it works.

Mommy makes me sit very still, like a statue. Then she says, "This is going on your nose" and puts a treat on my nose and says, "Wait." And I have to sit very still until she says "OK".

I'm very good at this trick.

I can balance Rice Chex and pretzels and biscuits and even spaghetti noodles. Scout is OK at the trick but he won't sit still. Once Mommy puts the treat on his nose, he eats it.

But I wait until Mommy says, "OK!" Then sometimes I just put my head down and the treat falls off and I eat it. Sometimes I flip my head back and the treat goes flying. That is very funny when I have spaghetti noodles on my nose. Once I even flipped the treat and caught it in my mouth!

I'll bet you are surprised, aren't you? You thought I would eat up that treat on my nose right away! See, I am learning how to be a good boy.


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