Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make yourself a sparky dog!

Here is a new trick you can play with your Mommy!

Find a very fuzzy blanket. Roll around on it and then have your mommy rub the blankie all over you to make sure you catch all the static electrics in the room. Cover up with the blankie.

Then shut off all of the lights. When it's nice and dark, have your mommy do a TA DA!!! and pull the blankie off of you.

Your fur will be all sparky and you'll light up like a Christmas tree!!

You have to play the game in the nightime because you can't see the sparks in the daytime. But you can hear them crackle and watch your fur stand up and dance.

That is one game we play in the middle of the night at our house. Besides Mystery Barf I mean.

Bandit (aka Super Electro Dog!)
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