Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me and Scout get a new sister

Cassie and Bailey

So me and Scout got a new sister this week. She's not a forever sister. She's a for a little while until she finds a family sister.

Her name is Bailey but me and Scout call her Go Away. That's because she wants to be with us all the time!

Me and Bailey snuggle on the couch

Bailey's mommy dropped her and her sister off at the animal shelter because the family didn't want the puppies any more. That's not very nice. Bailey and her sister are only six weeks old. Me and Scout didn't leave our mommies until we were 15 weeks old.

The shelter said because Bailey and her sister are pit bull puppies they would have to take a long sleep, and no one wanted that to happen. So a lady who was visiting there took one puppy home and Mommy brought home Bailey.

This is a very snuggly puppy

Mommy says that God has a special family that's waiting for Bailey, but they don't know they are supposed to have this puppy yet. So our job is to take good care of her and teach Bailey how to be a good dog so that when her family is ready for her, she's ready to be a good dog. 

Look at how little Bailey is compared to Scout!

Mommy says Scout is doing a good job, but she knew he would. But she said that I am doing a good job, too. I haven't peed in the house or been bad or anything!

Mommy also says that we should have named the puppy Karma, because that's what I am getting. I think "karma" means "chew on Bandit's tail and bark and potty in the house and keep everyone up at night."

Anyway, Bailey is a cute puppy but me and Scout hope she finds her real family soon. Maybe you want a new dog? Let Mommy know!

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