Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Two pups waiting for Santa
Me and Scout had a great Christmas! On Christmas Eve, we wanted to see Santa when he came to bring us presents but Mommy said we had to go to bed. So we told Murphy to wake us up when Santa came.

Murphy tried to wake us up, but Mommy wouldn't let us get out of bed. Murphy made noise and made noise and ripped up the garbage can bags. But Mommy said, "Stay!" whenever me and Scout tried to run downstairs. Rats. Santa is my pal and I wanted to say hello to him and his reindeers.

Anyway, on Christmas Day, me and Scout opened some presents. We got new collars and leashes. That is like people getting socks. My new collar and leash are green and they have moo cows and Scout's are blue and red and have bones and hearts. They are supposed to be guaranteed if they get chewed. So I ate my leash.

This is my new leash. Daddy took this pictured with his new camera.

This is my new leash about eleventeen minutes later.
After we opened our presents, we had so much fun we opened some more presents under the tree.

Scout likes to open presents. When he finished with his, he opened Cassie's.

I opened my present and then tried to get Daddy to give me some of his breakfast.
Then the best part of the day happened. Everyone came to our house! Nana and Grandpa Art and Grandma and Cassie and Uncle Ryan and even Officer Steve came in his uniform! He parked his police car in the driveway. We bet everyone thought he was coming to arrest me for being a bad dog. Hahahaha!! But he loves me.

This is Uncle Ryan!

Even Daddy has some fun!

Grandma and Nana. Nana moved. She's not always blurry.
Grandpa Art is telling Cassie a big fish story.

Nana didn't move this time. And look, Officer Steve came over on his dinner break!

Daddy had some fun with his new camera. He took this silly picture of me and my tongue.
There was a lot of food to eat. Ham and cheese and dips and crackers and shrimps and Grandma's fresh banana bread and crunchy vegetables. And you know I wanted to get right up on the table and eat it all. Except I didn't. I just put my paws on the table a few times and tried to get some licks off of people's plates. Grandpa Art and Nana said I am a bad, bad dog. Except they don't know how bad I have been so they don't know how good I was actually behaving!

I think they should bring Lily next time and we can get into some good trouble.

Anyway, everyone drank lots of wine and ate lots of food and had lots of laughs and it was some good times.

Then yesterday, we napped all day. It's super c-c-c-cold outside again today and Mommy said, "Let's stay in our jammies and snuggle." Except me and Scout want to go romp and play.

And guess what? The chickens are laying A LOT of eggs! Lucy and Ethel started laying eggs again so everyone else decided to lay some eggs, too. Mommy had about fortyleven million eggs in the fridge.

So we had some great times at Christmas even though me and Scout didn't get to see Santa. We got some presents and we got lots of eggs and we drank lots of wine and had lots of laughs.

Now we get to play party time again on New Year's eve!


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