Monday, March 14, 2011

Bailey goes to the town hall

Mommy took Bailey to the Town Hall today when she went to get some papers to fill out so that Bailey can stay with us until she finds a new home.

When I go to the Town Hall, I like to jump on the counters and say hi to the ladies. Mommy put Bailey on the counter and she snuggled up with Bob and then she fell asleep.

This is Bailey and Bob. Bailey likes Bob. She gave him lots of kisses.
Maybe Bob should bring Bailey home!
 When they got home, we all went for a walk. Which is crazy business when you have two Border Collies and a puppy! Mommy had to carry Bailey because she thought it was time to play tug with the leashes. We got wet and muddy and it was super great.

Bailey needs to find her new home or else we have to pay about fortyleven dollars to ask the important people at the Town Hall to let her stay with us for always. Except Mommy is being a cry baby about having to give Bailey away. Daddy said maybe we should keep Bailey and find me a new home. Haha, that's so funny, Daddy!! I'm never going to leave you, forever and forever and forever. Even when I grow old and go to live on God's farm in the sky, I will become a ghost puppy and haunt you in your dreams.


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Jeffrey said...

Hi there! We are interested in adopting Bailey. I emailed the resue about her, but didn't get any information related to her. We called the # and it directed us back to email. So, we are hoping that you might be able to help us.
Thank you!
Jeff and Jami Bartz