Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bailey is a Daddy's girl

Bailey is a Daddy's girl.

Bailey tricked Daddy last night. It was great.

Daddy let Bailey sleep next to him in the big bed a couple of times this week, but last night he said he didn't want to have a puppy sleeping on his head anymore. That's because Bailey likes to snuggle right in your face all night. She puts her nose in front of your nose and falls asleep like that, and if you move she moves, too. That way she is always snuggled with you.

Daddy asked Mommy if she wanted Bailey to sleep next to her, and Mommy said, "Hey, I have two stinky dogs sleeping on my feet. I don't need a puppy on my head, too."

So Mommy made Daddy put Bailey in the crate.

You know what happened. Bailey cried and cried and cried. She cried, "Daddy! Daddy! I'm so cold and lonely and sad in this cold and lonely crate! Oh Daddy! Please come and save me!! Whaaa! Whaaa!"

Mommy ignored Bailey but Daddy kept saying, "Bailey, shhh." I went out to see her in her crate a couple of times and said, "Bailey, you have to go to sleep so Daddy can get some rest and go to work to make hamburgers and french fries and make money so we can have treats and dog food!"

Bailey finally went to sleep for about eleventeen minutes. Then she woke up again and said, "Daddy! Please take me outside to potty!"

So Daddy got up and took her out to potty and then instead of putting her back into her crate, he let her snuggle with him in bed.

Hahahaha!! Bailey tricked Daddy so she could sleep in the big, warm bed. And Daddy fell for it!

When Scout came to live with Mommy and Daddy he used the same trick. He never slept one night in a crate. I had to sleep in the jail crate for a while, but now Mommy can't sleep unless I am right next to her because I am so cute and snuggly.

So Bailey will probably not have to sleep in the crate too much any more, especially if she calls Daddy instead of Mommy.

We're some tricky puppies, aren't we?


PS: Guess what? Mommy just took us puppies out to potty and Murphy got on the laptop and broke the letter T and made the computer go BEEEEPBEEEPBEEEEP. We drive Mommy nuts. It's great.

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Angie said...

Lucky dogs! I've only gotten to sleep in a big bed once EVER when we were visiting my grandparents and their house was too cold for me to sleep in jail.

Bandit said...

Maybe you are not crying loud enough. Try that.