Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's sick week at the Funny Farm

Remember last week when I told you that we had special marrow bone treats? Guess what? After those treats, all of us dogs have been sick.

Bailey had emergency poop the first night we had them on Monday.

I had emergency poop when we finished them on Wednesday. Then I had mystery barf yesterday.

Scout had mystery barf AND emergency poop on Thursday and Friday, and he had emergency poop on Sunday. He took a day off on Saturday.

Dr. B and Dr Hawkins said that the bones are too rich for our tummies, and Dr. Herrema also said they probably have yucky bacteria stuff because they are raw.


Mommy has been picking up barf and emergency poop for a week. She said at least only one dog at a time was sick. We have only been eating rice and chicken or beef for breakfast and dinner. We tried some dog food mixed in but it made our bellies feel icky again. Mommy has been playing Dr. Doolittle. It's fun. For us, anyway.

The new rule is NO MARROW BONES for us dogs. We can have Kongs and Nylabones and ... well, those are pretty much the only toys we don't rip apart in five minutes.
So just in case you didn't know, marrow bones will probably give you mystery barfs and emergency poops. But if you get mystery barf and emergency poop, you get to eat special food. So it's not all bad.
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