Monday, April 4, 2011

Bandit and his new cave

Last night, Mommy took the door off of my cave to prove that she is not going to wham it shut and lock me in and go on adventures without me. But I think the bear is still in there so I told her that I was not going in.

Today she used chicken to trick us all into going into our caves. Bailey and Scout both went right in to their cave and they let Mommy shut the doors on them. Then she fed them chicken like they were animals at the zoo. They wagged their tails and said, Thanks for the great treat, Mommy!

Boo on that.

While Mommy tricked Bailey and Scout, I just went into the kitchen and got myself a treat from the chicken container on the counter.

Mommy is going to have to be trickier than me if she wants to get me to go into that scary cave.


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