Thursday, April 28, 2011

Help us win a new lawn

We don't even had a lawn to lack luster.

Mommy entered our back yard in a beauty contest! It's called the "Lackluster Lawn" contest. Except we don't have any lawn to lack luster.
Me and Scout and Bailey like our lawn just like it is, but that's because we like to be dirty and stinky. Mommy says she's tired of the dirt blowing in through the windows and of us pups making her sheets all muddy and of not being able to use the backyard because it's so blechy.

She says if we don't get some grass before summer she is going to run away and join the circus and become one of those people who sells cotton candy during the elephant show because it is less dirty than our backyard.

Bailey says she would like to have some grass since Mommy won't let her eat the tulips.
 Mommy says the beauty contest isn't a voting contest but you can tell the nice judges that we really need a new lawn. Mommy thought we were going to be the worst lawn, but guess what? There are a lot of other people with stupid, blechy yards, too! Our entry is "Desperately Seeking Lawn" and me and Bailey are in the picture.

Bandit, the world famous dog!

PS: The fence and upside down chairs are covering up the tulips. They are the only green things that grow in our yard but Bailey eats them so Mommy has to hide them.

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Anonymous said...

It may be a loosing battle?

Marie said...

How do we help or vote? Who is doing this contest?

Courtz said...

Hope you will win this contest!!

& wow Bailey is growing up! She's such cute and you,, Bandit are cute too! :):)

So are you and your family keeping Bailey ? If so, she is in a wonderful family!! 


Bandit said...

We are making Daddy put in grass anyway because the contest ends in June. Mommy said if we win they can come and mow the lawn.
And yup, Bailey is our forever sister. Girls are blechy but Bailey is OK. She plays like a boy.