Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bailey ouches another paw!

Bailey has a boo boo wrap on her leg. They take good care of you at the emergency vet office!

Bailey ouched herself today. Well, I kind of helped. But it was a pretty big ouch this time.

I didn't mean to hurt Bailey. We were just doing some wild maniac romping in the back yard while Mommy went back to bed and Daddy was outside doing some yard stuff.

I ran past Bailey and she fell and then I stepped on her back leg and she cried YEEEEEOOOWWW!!

Me and Scout and Daddy ran to see if she was OK. And then we got Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy took  Bailey to the emergency hospital. The doctor said that Bailey might have a broken leg or she might just have an ouchy leg or she might have yanked some stuff in her leg that needs an operation or she might wake up tomorrow and be all better.

The doctor said Mommy should take Bailey to see Dr. Hawkins tomorrow for xrays because it will cost about fortyleven billion less dollars. But he did put a big boo boo wrap on Bailey's leg to keep it safe til tomorrow.

When they came home, me and Scout ran to see Bailey. Scout took one sniff of her leg and said, "Blech. I remember that smell. It smells like five weeks of no fun." I said, "Hey, I remember those smells. I smell Santa." That's because when I went to the hospital and stayed over night I got to meet Santa.

Mommy says that she can't get any writing done with us dogs and we're costing her and Daddy an arm and a leg. I hope not, because Mommy and Daddy need those arms and legs to play catch with us.

Anyway, I'll let you know tomorrow if Bailey has to have no fun for lots of weeks or if she can romp again with us soon.


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