Friday, April 15, 2011

Bailey ouches her paw

Mommy took us pups to the park today to romp around. Except Bailey was running and she hurt her paw. Or maybe she hurt her paw yesterday and today was the first time Mommy saw it.

Either way, Bailey was ouched!

She limped. She laid down and licked her paw. And when we got home she got into Scout's cave and stayed there all day.

So Mommy took Bailey to see Dr. Hawkins. She gave Bailey some ouch medicine. And while she was there, Bailey got her rabies shot.

Mommy says that we are going to end up living in Daddy's new truck if we don't stop spending all of Daddy's money. I told her that would never happen! We would go live at Grandma's house! Hahahaha!!

So Bailey can't romp for a few days. Which means she can't chase me and jump on my head. Yay.


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