Saturday, April 23, 2011

How we helped Mommy unaccomplish stuff

After her bath, Bailey went to sit in front of the heater. That's her favorite spot.
This week, Mommy gave me and Scout and Bailey baths. She is a tricky one, that Mommy.

On Wednesday night, she gave us all a brushing. Which usually means that we're out of the clear for baths. We get one or the other, but we're too wild to have both.

Plus, Mommy isn't feeling good. So she has only had enough energy to snuggle on the couch with Murphy and Bailey this week.

But on Thursday morning, Mommy tricked us and gave us baths.

The dog that gets the first bath always gets the longest bath because Mommy says she is feeling something called ambition. Scout gets the first bath because he has the most fur and Mommy needs the most ambition.

When he was done, then I got the second bath, because I don't have as much fur and by that time Mommy's back hurts and she keeps saying, "This was a dumb idea." Yes, Mommy. Baths are a dumb idea.

But then when we were done, Bailey got a bath! She was scared of the bath, so while Mommy was soaping her up, me and Scout made her an escape plan. I went in and whispered in her ear that I would start to cry and Mommy would come to see what was wrong and then she should jump out of the tub and run away fast!

Except that Bailey has hardly any fur and Mommy was very tired, so Bailey was done with her bath really fast. Plus, when she was done, Bailey got wrapped up in a towel and Mommy cuddled her like a baby. Bailey liked that. Blech. Girls are stupid.

While we shook our wet fur all over the bathroom and the hallway and the living room, Mommy took a shower. Then she took us pups out to potty before she got back on the couch for snuggling.

While Mommy brought Bailey back in the house, me and Scout decided to be bad. We ran around in the dirt. When Mommy came out to get us, we were nice and dirty and stinky again. Ha!

Mommy said that at least she accomplished something, even if it got unaccomplished a few minutes later.

Glad we could help, Mommy!


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