Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bailey did not break her leg

It was Snuggle Central at our house this week.

Mommy and Murphy and Bailey had a lot of snuggle time this week

Just so you know, Bailey did not break her leg. She just ouched it super good. Dr. Hawkins took picures of Bailey's bones and said, "No break!" So she wrapped it up and gave her ouch medicine and said Bailey has to rest for a couple of weeks.

Hahaha! She thinks Bailey will not romp for a couple of weeks? Me and Scout laughed.

Except Mommy is really making Bailey not romp. She has to go out to potty on a leash. And she and Mommy snuggle on the couch all day. Murphy snuggles with them.

Boo on that.

Just in case you didn't know, Murphy had to have two teeth taken out of his mouth. He had to have sleepy medicine. When Mommy and Daddy went to pick him up, Jaime the vet tech told them that Murphy would be sleepysleepysleepy and not to worry.

Except that Murphy was not sleepysleepysleepy. He was crazy out of control! He was purring really loud and he had happy paws and he was jumping around on everything in the house and chasing mouses that weren't there. Mommy said they must have given him an IV of catnip and she would like some of that medicine, too.

But he had to rest his kitty self, which is why he and Mommy and Bailey had snuggle times all week. Plus, Mommy has a cold.

So me and Scout couldn't have any fun times this week because Bailey got hurt and Murphy had teeth taken out and Mommy had a cold and she feels icky.

Plus we had to get baths. I'll tell you about that later. It was a stupid week.


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