Monday, March 28, 2011

Tails of Success and other fantastic treats

Bailey had to go see her friends from Pitty Love Rescue today because she needed a shot. So Mommy said I could come along.

Yay! Adventure day!

Me, Mommy and Bailey went to see Lindsay and Darcy at Tails of Success. This is not the same Lindsay that I am in love with at Camp Bow Wow. This is a different Lindsay. And Tails of Success is a different romping place for dog. Remember? Me and Scout went there for their "Hey, we're opening up!" party. We sniffed some dogs and ate some stuff and had some good times.

I love romping. Scout does not like romping parties. That's why today he stayed home with Murphy.

Anyway, today me and Bailey had one whole hour of mad fantastic romps! The first thing you do when you have a romping party is sniff everyone's butts.

Your butt end is your last name.

And your front end is your first name!

Then you just start running! Running and running and running! And wrestling, and sometimes even barking.

Lily, me and Fiona
You know that if you are blurry in the romping party pictures you are having a great time.
Bailey stopped to say hi to Darcy so she didn't feel left out

You run and run and run until your tongue hangs out, and then you all go and drink up all the water in the dog bowls, and then you run some more until your mommy says it is time to go home.

Then we went to see Amanda at Country Max to buy a dog crate but it was about fortyleven thousand hundred cents so Mommy said we would wait. And then we went home.

And then guess what happened? Mommy gave us puppies a super surprise: bones from the fridge! They are real bones and they are the greatest treats in the whole world. We can thank Darcy for talking Mommy into that treat.

So today was a great day. A better great day that I have had in a long time.

You should go to Tails of Success for your next romping party. They are really nice there and they don't care if you pee on the floor. Mommy says we can alternate between Camp Bow Wow and Tails so we can have even more friends!

It's great to be a dog.


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Sherri said...

<3 this, Joanne! You are too funny! I am so glad they had fun at Tails and will get to come see us some more. :)
~ Sherri

Bandit said...

Hi, Sherri! Me and Bailey had lots of fun. You have a great romping place. There is lots of room to run around nd everyone is really nice there! I'll be back!!